Rejection may be a necessary step in your pursuit of success. The fear of rejection is a peculiar fear that makes you get convinced people will not accept or approve you, due to your opinion, personality, looks, beliefs, values, or behavior. It is a very debilitating fear that ultimately influences your daily choice, actions, and decisions. While under the fear of rejection, you will do or not do things that may sound abnormal under normal circumstances.

This fear may likely have a negative impact on your career, relationship, and life. Living with the fear of rejection may be detrimental to the quality of your life. It may make you feel you are incapable and less of a person. It may make you develop a lot of negativity and self-doubts. You will find yourself holding back a lot of things because you fear others may disagree or disapprove of you.

But there is always a way to get out of this trap. Here are a couple of ways you may use to overcome the fear of rejection.


Acknowledge and prepare for rejection

Most of us get angry when turned down, despite putting a lot of effort on something. It is okay to feel angry and frustrated and overcoming rejection starts by dropping down all expectations. You need to understand that not all life experiences will turn out the way you wanted. Remind yourself that rejection is a normal part of life and it happens to everyone.


Look for learning opportunities

Rejection may provide you with opportunities for self-discovery and growth. You may apply for a job and during the interview process, you get turned down. During your reflection process, you notice there are some key skills you are missing. In this case, you may use the rejection as an opportunity to learn new skills and improve on what you already know. You come to realize the rejection opened doors for you to improve your skills and land a higher position than you were previously looking for.

Face your fears

If you won’t put yourself out there in the first place, you won’t experience rejection. However, you probably won’t achieve your goals either. Going for what you want, irrespective of rejection or not will give you a chance to realize success. When you face your fears, you have nothing to lose. When you get rejected, use the moment as a learning opportunity so that next time, you can put your best foot forward.


Lean on your support network

Rejection will make you understand yourself better. It will make you know how to spend time with people who genuinely care about you and who give you a shoulder to lean on. A good support network will encourage you when trying to achieve your goals. They will offer you comfort when you are struggling to succeed. They will give you genuine constructive criticism and stand with you no matter the adversities you face in your life. Such a network will make you discover your potential and will help you realize the importance of what matters in life.

How to overcome the fear of rejection

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