In my life, I have met and interacted with many prospects, customers, and clients in line with the provision of towing services in Alexandria and other related roadside services. If there is one discipline that can make or break a business is sales. At the heart of any business is closing deals and making sales. Not all sales are the same. There are good sales, there are bad sales – the difference between the two depends on key character traits and strategies used by the people driving the sales.


If you are looking forward to closing more sales and improving your sales skills, here are a few hacks on how to go about it.


Failing to qualify

Most salespeople go straight to selling to any person they meet by their side and don’t qualify first. Before you can sell anything, you need first to establish if they are the right people – this is what we call qualifying your potential customer. If you fail to qualify a customer, a large percentage of your time will be wasted trying to close a deal that won’t go through. Every opportunity is not equal and through qualifying, you will better understand your customer needs and this you can decide what a best fits a customer.

Saying YES too early

When a potential customer makes a request, you are initially inclined to saying yes. Once you commit to saying yes blindly, you might find yourself in unfamiliar territory based on requests from customers. Each of those requests may cost you more money and can be very demanding. If whatever a customer wants from you is profitable and makes financial sense, and you are in a position to deliver, then go ahead and say yes. If the request is unreasonable, you have to say NO. If you can set this precedent early, you will be assured to have happy customers.

Offering too much information

The more information and choices you offer to people, the more likely they are going to get confused When you confuse people, they will not be your customers. You need to learn to get your message out there straight to the point and simple. Make it as precise as possible in a way that is easy to understand. Avoid trying to look too smart and using sophisticated language. Doing so will confuse your potential customers and they will shy from purchasing from you. When pitching to your customers, ensure you tell them only what they need to know.


Many salespersons make a mistake of overselling their products or services. It is a mistake similar to offering too much information. If you try to oversell, you will sound too pushy and this will turn off a lot of people. Think sales as dating, the moment you sound desperate, no one will be attracted to you. Be calm, composed, and casual with your sales techniques, and act as if your life doesn’t only rely on making the sale. At the end of the day, depending on your product, either good or bad, the person you are selling to will make a decision.


Sales Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

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